Brand Identity

Branding is central to the success of any business. Strong brand identity has the power to attract new customers, and nurture the loyalty of existing ones. Give your business a personality, and you’re far more likely to connect with clients and customers.

Whether your startup is searching for a brand identity, or you’re looking to shape consumers’ perception of your business, Swink can help you create, manage, refresh, develop or reposition your brand.

The eye of the beholder

From the appearance of printed materials to the approach you take to customer service, every point of contact you have with the public should be in line with a consistent brand message. Your logo is one part of a much bigger entity – an image that your target audience can’t resist warming to.

Make your customers smitten by investing in continuous brand development. Swink can help you master the subtle art of branding, from concept through to completion.

Branding that gets you remembered

Brilliant brands are built from the ground up. Swink Design is a branding company with a difference. Swink offers focused research and one-to-one discussions, to help you set your guidelines, strategy and tone of voice in stone. It could be fun and light-hearted or authoritative and forward thinking; pinpoint what makes your brand identity unique, and the rest will fall into place.

Whatever stage your organisation is at, together we’ll strip your brand back to basics, to establish a clear picture of your business, its goals, markets, ethos and style. By carefully planning out your brand identity, you can ensure that your logo design, printed materials and digital presence deliver on your objectives.

Create the memorable, captivating brand that you’ve always wanted with expert guidance and support from Swink.

Choose Swink to support your business with effective, targeted brand identity and brand development work.

Real change and results are just a click or a call away.