Content-heavy pages, both online and offline, can soon make readers switch off. Icons are powerful visuals that can be used in place of the written word, to break up text and communicate with your audience.

Whether you’re looking for a creative way to list your products and services, or you want to really hit home those USPs, Swink can make iconography an innovative addition to your digital or print design.

Visuals that evoke a message

Clean, sharp design can be difficult to achieve when you’ve got lots to shout about. Promoting your products, setting out your services, and pinpointing key features of your business requires clear communication. So how do you strike the balance between an informative website, brochure or poster, and something more eye-catching?

Iconography is a smart choice for brands looking to deliver their message in a concise format that makes an impact. Swink creates clever icon designs that clearly illustrate key points, with styles and colours that complement your branding.

Make information more accessible

Even the most insightful facts and statistics can fall on deaf ears if presented in a dull, unimaginative manner. Case studies, reports and survey results are a perfect example. Iconography can transform dense information into engaging visuals that tell a story and connect with your target audience.

From creative reports to shareable infographics, Swink can work with your team to present key information in a more visual format. Together, we can ensure that icons slot in perfectly with the rest of your content, using a size, style, colour and shape that enhances your materials and is consistent with your brand.

Choose Swink to support your business with effective, targeted brand identity and brand development work.

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