Going Green

Join the green revolution today. Partner with Swink for your design, branding and print.

With attitudes towards the environment and sustainable business practices shifting quickly, going green has become as much an economic consideration as an ethical one.

Swink understands that embracing change is essential for any business. Together, we can help you limit waste and minimise your carbon footprint through environmentally-friendly business practices.

Serious about sustainability

In the quest for a greener future, Swink aims to recycle and reuse everyday business materials, such as paper, packaging, ink cartridges and envelopes, whilst limiting the use of energy and resources wherever possible. This is helped by the fact that Swink is a smaller business, able to control its energy use and waste far more effectively than many competitors.

Swink carefully monitors its supply chain, sourcing sustainable goods and services for competitive prices, whilst prioritising quality and choice for our clients. As green practices become more widespread, Swink is leading the way in finding more environmentally-friendly ways of doing business.

See the green light

But how does this benefit you? By passing on these savings to our clients, Swink is able to provide a more affordable service, meaning you can make your marketing budget work harder. And by partnering with an eco-friendly design and branding company, you can do one more thing to improve your own brand image.

Striking the balance between cost, quality and green practices is a constant consideration, and ultimately our clients’ needs come first. Aligned to your business goals, Swink will only offer greener processes and products if they are a cost-effective alternative that won’t limit your choice or negatively impact the quality of your output.

  • Swink have brought a more professional look and feel to all of CHN’s marketing collateral, which has helped us develop and move our business forward.
    Lee Clayton
  • Kay and Co head shot
    Swink has an intuitive intelligence to explore and discover what the client wants and needs.
    Kay Weijers
  • Kundi head shot
    Swink is very knowledgeable – he understands commercial businesses.

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